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Welcome to GLS EURASIA !

The Games, Learning, and Society Eurasia (GLS EURASIA) is a group of academic researchers, interactive media (or game) developers, government and industry leaders, and graduate students, who investigate how this medium can be used effectively in teaching and learning, how this medium operates, how it can be used to transform how we learn, and what this means for society and others who would like to make education more effective.

GLS EURASIA based in Educational Technology graduate program established in 2009, is an independent, multi-national research group for the research, game design, and development of digital games like new slither io mod. Its goal is to incubate innovative ideas, create partnerships, and establish a multi-national collaboration to explore new directions and exchange ideas for the creative development and critical understanding of games. We have a particular interest in understanding the nature of games, their structure, their function,their slither io mods and their impact on learning, society and how games can address educational needs.

GLS EURASIA is an affiliated with The Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) group in the Educational Communications and Technology Program in Curriculum & Instruction at The University of Wisconsin Madison.

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